NAD (New Acoustic Dimension) is a renowned audio electronics manufacturer known for its commitment to high-quality sound and value-oriented approach. The company was founded in 1972 by Marty Borish and is headquartered in Canada.

NAD’s product lineup includes a wide range of audio components, including:

  • Integrated Amplifiers: NAD offers a variety of integrated amplifiers that combine preamplification and power amplification in a single unit. Their integrated amplifiers are known for their clean and transparent sound reproduction.
  • Stereo Amplifiers: NAD produces stereo amplifiers designed to deliver high-quality power and performance for two-channel audio systems. These amplifiers often feature robust power output and low distortion levels.
  • AV Receivers: NAD’s AV receivers are designed for Dolby Atmos home theater applications, providing surround sound processing, video switching capabilities, and amplification for multi-channel audio setups.
  • CD Players and Digital Music Players: NAD manufactures CD players and digital music players, including network audio players, designed for accurate and high-fidelity playback of digital audio sources.
  • Preamplifiers: NAD offers preamplifiers for precise audio signal control and routing in audio systems, allowing for enhanced customization and integration.
  • Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC): NAD’s DACs are designed to convert digital audio signals into analog with high accuracy and detail, ensuring faithful reproduction of digital audio content.

NAD is known for its “Music First” philosophy, which emphasizes a focus on musical performance and a no-nonsense approach to audio design. Their products often prioritize sound quality over unnecessary frills, offering a balance between performance, affordability, and simplicity.

NAD has gained a loyal following among audiophiles and music enthusiasts who appreciate their commitment to accurate sound reproduction and excellent value for money. Their products are often recognized for their clean and uncolored sound signature and the ability to drive a wide range of speakers with ease.