Ad Notam is a German company specializing in the production of innovative mirror TVs and glass screens for residential and commercial applications. The company was founded in 2003 and has since become a leading brand in the field of mirror display technology.
Ad Notam’s products are designed to seamlessly integrate technology into reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and glass panels, allowing them to function as TVs or digital displays when turned on and appear as regular mirrors or glass surfaces when turned off. This unique concept enables homeowners and businesses to incorporate displays discreetly into their interior design, providing a modern and elegant solution for multimedia integration.
The mirror TVs and glass screens produced by Ad Notam feature high-quality LCD panels that deliver vibrant visuals and sharp image quality. They offer a range of display sizes and resolutions to suit various applications and customer preferences. Ad Notam also provides customization options, allowing customers to tailor the design, shape, and size of their mirror TVs or glass screens to fit specific requirements.
In addition to residential use, Ad Notam’s products find applications in luxury hotels, corporate environments, retail spaces, and other commercial settings. They are often used for advertising displays, digital signage, and interactive presentations.