hi-fi audio system

A (high-fidelity) Hi-Fi audio system, also called Hi-Fi or stereo system, aims to reproduce sound the same way the artist performed it with extremely minor distortion. It is always a combination of Two speakers with matching amplifiers and a good-quality source. High-End Hi Fi Audio System provides a sterling audio experience as an artist performing before you. Every instrument used an audio track; Singer’s voice depth soundstage should be lossless, the goal of Hi-end (High-fidelity) hifi audio system installation. If you’re looking for professional speakers installation, our team at Sound Innovators can ensure seamless integration and optimal performance.

  • Immersive Sound Experience: The (High Fidelity) Hi-fi Audio System reproduces high-quality audio, which you cannot experience with regular speakers or headphones. The original audio track recording performs every detail and soundstage you hear.
  • Enhanced Music Enjoyment: When you are spending time with friends and family at a party or get-together, the Hi-Fi Audio System can create a great environment for the occasion.
  • Meditation: A good Hi-Fi Audio system can give you great Music quality. Music helps reduce blood pressure and anxiety and improves sleep in your stressful life.
High Fidelity Audio

Every high-fidelity (hi-fi) audio system component is a key element. Anyone in proper order will affect the complete system’s performance. This includes crucial aspects like home theater speaker setup, amplifier quality, and source compatibility.

Transform your space into an entertainment haven with our professional HIFI audio system installation services. Our experts bring precision and expertise to ensure seamless integration, optimal audio-visual performance, and a cinematic experience that exceeds expectations.

Importance of Expert Installation Services

So many parameters must be followed to achieve great performance from a high-end stereo system like Electronics placement, Power supply, etc. Sound Innovators Professional engineers are grating care on that parameter so Clint experiences optimum effect from his High-Fidelity Audio.

Optimizing Hi-Fi Speaker Placement for Maximum Impact

Every Hi-Fi speaker requires some berthing and sound staging space for that speaker’s placement to perform a key role. Sound Innovators Audio Visual consultants calculate those and give necessary suggestions to end

Calibration for Precision Audio Reproduction

Without any of the system performance at its highest level. Sound Innovators engineers have sufficient knowledge thanks to over a decade of experience.

High-fidelity audio System Speakers come primarily in two types: Floors stating Speakers and bookshelf speakers, and In-wall and in-celling speakers, which also provide great quality Stereo Setups.

Floor standing Speakers also called Tower speakers. They deliver majorly all frequencies due to their large cabinet design they can be configured with more drivers which help to improve bass response of speakers.


  • Tweeters: Reproducing High-frequency sound (like – Piccolo, Violin, and more) that tweeters work. Common varieties are Diamond Dome tweeter, Ribbon tweeter, Horn tweeter, and more.
  • Midrange: Reproduction of Mid-frequency sound (like – Vocal) that’s Midrange driver work. Common varieties are Continuum cones, Neodymium Magnet cones, and Fibreglass cones.
  • Woofer: Give low-frequency sound (like drums, bass guitars, and more). That’s Woofer’s work. Common varieties are Aerofoil Profile bass, Cerametallic cone woofers, and more.

Bookshelf speakers are also called mount speakers.

There will be a multiplicity in the Bookshelf speaker’s sound delivery. Standard construction is tweeter and midrange drive-boarded. They are designed to have rich mid and high frequencies—a sound signature of bookshelf speakers that is an excellent fit for music.

Bookshelf speakers can be placed on a shelf or table, but the ideal placement is on a Bookshelf stand. Many permitters must be followed in bookshelf speaker placement with stand-like sand felling, speaker angle, and more. Suppose you go along with everything per your room construction with appropriate electronics, source, and connecting cable. In that case, bookshelf speakers often sound much better than Floor-standing speakers in jazz, Blues, Classical, and Country Music.

Creating excellent High Fidelity Audio setup equipment selection is the most important. Many dealers take that as a challenge, but luckily, with over a decade of experience, Sound Innovators have gained a good hand in this segment.

  • Premium Audio Speakers: Sound innovators have collections of many known luxury brands like Bowers & Wilkins from the U.K., Sonus Faber from Italy, DALI from Denmark, and many others who are master High Fidelity Audio Speakers that can deliver great audio experiences. As per client requirements, our Audio-Visual Consultants are the best speakers.
  • Amplifiers: Hi-Fi Audio System amplifiers come in different types: Integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, stereo power amplifiers, and mono blocks, according to the speaker amplifier. Luxury brands from around the globe: McIntosh from the U.S.A., Lyngdorf Audio from Denmark, Accuphase & Rotel from Japan, Naim Audio from the U.K., and more. As per speakers, our consultants suggest amplifiers for high-fidelity audio setup, which provides various connectivity and excellent audio experience.
  • CD Players and Streamers: With a good Source, a high fidelity audio system is complete. Sound innovators carefully help you get the correct source, whether a Super Audio CD player or a high-quality streamer.
  • Advanced Audio Processing Equipment: Some sources came with digital audio; DAC (Digital to analog converters) not only converted digital audio to analog but also improved audio quality. Contact Sound Innovators if you need one.
  • Turntables for Vinyl Enthusiasts: There is one well-known Quote: “Old is Gold.” It’s perfectly gone to Turntables. Their many inventions came in the audio industry, but audio quality reproduction done by Turntable none came near to it. Sound innovators represent many turntable manufacturing brands like McIntosh, SME, and Pro-Ject Audio. Also, we have a collection of good numbers of vinyl for Enthusiasts.

Our Trusted Partners in hi-fi audio system

Explore the cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship offered by our trusted partners, ensuring that every moment in your home theatre is an extraordinary experience.

Many people tangle when it comes to selecting home theater components. They have many questions! That’s normal due to the many options available in the luxury audio-video industry at various price points and performances. Sound Innovators are showcasing options per configuration, room size, and area with minimum setup pricing to help build ground.

Elementary HiFi Setup

Rs. 2,50,000/-
  • Bookshelf Speakers with Network Stereo amplifier
  • Around 10 Feet
  • Bedroom, Living room

Moderate HiFi Setup

Rs. 7,50,000/-
  • Floor Standing speakers with Integrated amplifier & Streamer
  • Around 15 Feet
  • Living room, Media room

Righteousness HiFi Setup

Rs. 25,00,000
  • Hi-End Speakers, Pre-Power Amplifier with CD Player & Turntable
  • Around 20 Feet
  • Living room, Media Room

Sound Innovators is one of the audio-visual consultants in India. Our Head office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and our Regional office is in Pune, Maharashtra, but we serve clients across India. Uprise your High-Fidelity Audio requirement with our experts to get personalized solutions for your luxurious high-end hifi audio system installation.

Elevate Your Listening Experience: Unleash the Power of High Fidelity Audio