Crestron Home Automation and Lighting

Crestron was founded in 1972. From the beginning, Crestron has been the leader in creating innovative home automation and lighting control systems technologies. Crestron masters in intelligent video conferencing, digital content distribution, smart home systems, and control and management technology. Which are used in Commercial, Educational, Governmental, Residential & Hospitality industries. The decades of experience Crestron brings to every solution their superior experience wants for everyone who relies on us at home, work, or school.

Crestron Home Automation Residential makes the devices and systems work how you want them to. A straightforward experience from multiple control devices on the wall, on the counter, on the couch, on your phone.

Crestron Home OS

A smart home can improve your sleep, energy, and mood and support these and other aspects of healthiness. The Crestron Home OS allows you to easily organize your home’s environment, as well as how your home interacts with the outside world, to create an oasis that enhances your life.

Crestron Home Access

Crestron Home merges the technologies that make it a reality, from security systems to power and energy management that prevents service disruption. No matter what natural disasters, storms, heat waves, or equipment failures are, your home will work precisely as designed. Take complete control of your alarm system from any touch screen throughout the house or remotely from your mobile device using Crestron Home.

Crestron Thermostats

Crestron Horizon smart thermostats, paired with multi-zone heating and cooling systems at home, maintain an optimal temperature at all times, Ensure just the right temperature when you wake, welcome you home from work, or for sleep at night. Crestron Horizon Thermostats feature Wi-Fi communication, making them equally simple to install for new construction or rebuild.

Crestron Audio Video Controls

Crestron Home Automation Digital Media technology cleans up that mess of multiple remotes and ensures that everything works. It has a high-quality video processing and distribution platform, delivering the best video quality, the smoothest channel, source selection, and field-tested reliability. With a Crestron audio system, every room of your home can be streamed with the sounds of nature. This can help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, and pain, improve focus, and promote restorative sleep.

Crestron Curtains Control

Motorized Curtains make it easy to control window coverings of all styles, from keypads, remotes, and mobile devices. Whether renovating, building new, or upgrading your interior design, Crestron Home is the smart choice.

Lighting Solutions From Crestron

The human body works by a 24-hour circadian rhythm cycle—lighting affects the sleep-wake process. Replicating natural light provided by the functions of the sun with artificial light can improve your mood, concentration, creativity, and energy levels and promote better sleep. This can be accomplished using tunable LED light fixtures and technology such as the Crestron Solar Sync photosensor.

  • Lighting Control: You can control it from anywhere at any time. Indoor and outdoor lights turn on, off, or adjust automatically based on a preset schedule or sunrise/sunset.
  • Sensor Light: Passage lights up automatically illuminate the way for that drink of water or bathroom break in the middle of the night.

Crestron home automation & lighting control system is a completely customized solution that needs proper planning & placement for automation components. Contact Sound Innovators From beginning of your house construction or renovation, and our Automation Engineers will do a deep study of your house layout and do a joint meeting with you & your interior designer or architect to create the ultimate Home Automation and lighting control setup for you. Also, as your home renovation work is complete, Phase Wish will install the needed.


Crestron Home Automation & lighting controls can be modified as your house miner changes. Sound innovators will provide all necessary support for troubleshooting. You need to contact us.

Crestron is the most trusted & known luxury brand in the Home automation & lighting control industry. There all products are future ready & updated. Buy Crestron products from genuine system integrators & do installation from Crestron Certify engineers. You will not need to worry about after-sales & service

Since 1972, Crestron has provided innovative home automation and lighting control solutions. To integrate your house with this luxury brand, kindly contact Sound Innovators. We will create the most comfortable & innovative Home automation and lighting controls for you.

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