Focal Speakers Setup in a home

Focal is the most luxurious speaker manufacturer from France. Since 1979, they have been crafting convention speakers, primarily made in France. Focal’s collections combine top-notch performance and elegant design, evoking solid emotions through exceptional listening quality. Whether at home with acoustic and in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers, in the studio with professional monitors, on your travels with closed-back headphones, or even at sea with specialist yacht solutions, we’ve got you covered.


Focal speakers is one of the Premium French speaker brands that have a range of speakers for home audio applications, from starting Focal SIB EVO 5.1.2 Home Theater pack to Iconic Focal Grande Utopia EM for Hi-end Ultra Luxurious High Fidelity audio setup.

Reputation and Legacy in the Audio Industry

Reputation of crafting perfect high-end speakers for home theater, marine speakers, and the most outstanding high-fidelity (hi-fi) speakers in the past 40 years in France. Focal is considered a legendary brand among Audio enthusiasts.

Since 1979, research and development in Focal features French architecture design and great sounding speakers in Luxurious Home Theater & HiFi (High Fidelity) Audio setups.

Key Features and Technologies of Focal Speakers
Compact & high performance Focal Speakers

Compact & high performance

Focal Satellite Focal SIB EVO 5.1.2, Focal SIB EVO 5.1 & Dome Flax 5.1 Home theater speakers package compact size & High-performance sound quality make them ideal for Home Theater application in bedroom & Small living rooms.

Focal Architecture Speakers

Architecture Speakers

Focal Speakers custom integration series In-wall & In-ceiling speakers give exclusive technologies, unrivaled performance, multiple configurations, and French craftsmanship, making them suitable for Home Theater & HiFi system applications and adding decor to your interior design.

Innovative features

Focal speakers is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in France, drivers & cabinet constriction to develop precise and exceptional High-fidelity award-winning speakers, which are the first choice of many audiophile enthusiasts.

Focal Speakers Innovative features
Floor-standing Focal Speakers

Floor-standing Focal Speakers

Focal Speakers is one of the leaders in developing great Floor-standing speakers, also called Tower speakers. The UTOPIA III EVO, SOPRA, KANTA, ARIA 900 & K2, VESTIA, THEVA, and CHORA Series have world-class Floor standing speaker collections as per room size & audio listening. You can select them for Home Theater & HiFi stereo Systems.

Focal Bookshelf Speakers

Focal Bookshelf Speakers

Focal Speakers also has one of the best bookshelf speakers called stand mount speakers. There are UTOPIA III EVO, SOPRA, KANTA, ARIA 900 & K2, VESTIA, THEVA, CHORA, and CHORUS 700 Series, with accurate Bookshelf Speaker collection per room sizes. You can use them for Home Theater and high-fidelity Systems.

Focal Center-channel Speaker

Focal Center-channel Speaker

In the home theater system, the center speaker plays a critical role in delivering complete dialog in movies. Focal manufacturers of excellent center speakers, their
UTOPIA III EVO, SOPRA, KANTA, ARIA 900 & K2, VESTIA, THEVA, CHORA, CHORUS 700 Series, and Custom integration series.

Focal Subwoofers

Focal Subwoofers

The subwoofer is one of the essential elements in the Home Theater system. It produces most of the bass in movies—focal active, fast, tight, dramatic, and rich low bass to the Home Theater system. Focal UTOPIA III EVO, SOPRA, KANTA, ARIA 900 & K2, VESTIA, THEVA, CHORA, and CHORUS 700 have good subwoofers.

In-wall & In-ceiling Focal Speakers

In-wall & In-ceiling Focal Speakers

Focal speakers crafted specific speakers for in-wall & ceiling speakers, delivering high-quality audio without disturbing interior decor. They have a range of 1000 UTOPIA Series, 300 Series, 100 Series, ON WALL 300, and 100-T Series. Focal In-wall and in-ceiling Speakers can be used in various applications like home multi room audio, Home Theater, Restaurants & Bar.

Outdoor & Marine Focal Speakers

Outdoor & Marine Focal Speakers

Focal LITTORA Series speakers can bring high-end sound quality to outdoor spaces like your pool, garden, spa, and terrace.

Focal Grande Utopia EM

Focal Grande Utopia EM amalgamates the Utopia III Evo series with its legendary technological heritage. This exceptional high-fidelity Speaker boasts the latest exclusive innovations from Focal. The sound architecture of Utopia III has been preserved to reduce harmonic distortion in the fragile mid-range register, which is crucial for revealing the artist’s emotions.

Focal Grande Utopia EM speakers are made in France.

Focal Grande Utopia EM Specification:

Description:4-way, floor-standing bass-reflex Speaker
Drive units::1x 40 cm (16 in) Electro-Magnetic bass
:1x 27cm (11 in) Multi Ferrite mid bass
:2x 16.5 cm (6.5 in) Power Flower midrange with TMD suspension and NIC magnet
:1x 27mm (1 in) IAL2 pure Beryllium inverted dome high frequency.
Frequency response:18Hz – 40kHz
Crossover frequency:14 Hz
Sensitivity:94 dB
Power amplifier requirements:50 – 1500 watts
Net weight:265 kg per Speaker
Focal 1000 IWLCR UTOPIA in-wall speakers

The closed-back and bi-amplifier focal 1000 IWLCR Utopia speaker delivers unrivaled quality within your indoor space. It will do so unobtrusively thanks to its magnetic grille, ready to paint to suit your home’s interior.

Focal 1000 IWLCR Utopia speakers are made in France.

Focal 1000 IWLCR UTOPIA in wall speakers Specification:

Description:3-way, In-wall Speaker
Drive units::4x 16.5 cm (6.5 in) ‘W’ cone Bass
:2x 8cm (3.2 in) ‘W’ cone ‘M’-shaped midranges
:1x 27mm (1 in) Pure Beryllium inverted dome high frequency.
Bandwidth:45Hz – 40kHz
Low-frequency cut-off:40Hz
Sensitivity:92 dB
Power amplifier requirements:100 – 750 watts
Mounting depth:99 mm
Focal Dome Flax 5.1 speakers

Focal Dome Flax is a high-end 5.1 satellite speakers system made in France, characterized by its miniature design. This 5.1 system significantly improves dialogues’ definition and intelligibility and the frequency response’s linearity—an actual return to nature for your films. The recommended room size is 200 to 300 square feet. The Focal Dome Flax system comes with the wireless subwoofer Sub Air. Free from any cables, Sub Air offers an intense sound that perfectly fits into all spaces with its flat and compact design.

Focal Dome Flax satellite speakers Specification

Description:2-way compact sealed Speaker
Drive units::4 Inch Flax mid-bass
:1 Inch Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (±3dB) :80Hz – 28kHz
Low frequency point (-6dB) :72Hz
Sensitivity:88 dB
Power amplifier requirements:25 – 100 watts
Net weight:1.9 kg per Speaker
Focal SUB AIR Subwoofer

Focal SUB AIR Subwoofer Specification

Description:: Flat bass-reflex subwoofer, integrated 150W BASH amp
Drive units:8 Inch
Frequency response (±3dB) :40Hz – 200Hz
Bass cutoff frequency (-6dB) :35Hz
Wireless Range:15 Mete
Power:150 watts
Net weight:7.65 kg
  • Home Theater Applications: Most of the series can be used for Home Theater. The following chart explains better as per room.
  • Bedroom or small living room: Focal Sib evo, Dome Flax 5.1, and In-wall & In-ceiling Series
  • Living room: Focal UTOPIA III EVO, SOPRA, KANTA, ARIA 900 & K2, VESTIA, THEVA, CHORA and CHORUS 700 Series as well as 1000 UTOPIA Series, 300 Series, 100 Series, ON WALL 300
  • Media or Theater room: Focal 1000 UTOPIA Series, 300 Series, 100 Series, ON WALL 300
  • Audio System Application: For a Hi-Fidelity audio system, Focal all Floor standing and bookshelf Speaker delivers excellent performance; choose carefully as per the room size & quality you are looking for. Also, Focal Custom Integration 1000 Series in-wall speakers give a unique HiFi Audio experience.

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