GoldenEar Speakers

GoldenEar Speakers are one of the Premium speaker brands from the United States of America. They were founded by Mr. Sandy Gross in 2010. GoldenEar speakers are known for their superb sonic Performance & elegant styling. GoldenEar’s products are incredibly focused and highly targeted to buyers looking for something more exciting and desirable than homogenized, mass-market products.

GoldenEar speakers are one of the Premium brands with a limited & focused range of speakers in Home Theater and high-fidelity audio systems. GoldenEar is much more economical than other brands as a cost factor.

GoldenEar is a very young brand in the audio industry, but its founder, Mr. Sandy Gross, is not. He was the Co-founder of Definitive Technology & Polk Audio. Learning from Errors & creating the best product is his legacy.

GoldenEar Speakers features architecture design and great sounding speakers in Premium High-end Home Theater and HiFi (High Fidelity) Audio setups.

GoldenEar Compact and High Performance

GoldenEar speakers are very slick & elegant. Also, many floor-standing speakers build active subwoofers in those that have highly high-performance home theater and hi-fi setups.

GoldenEar Architecture Speakers

GoldenEar On the wall (Satellite) speakers SuperCinema Series & SuperSat Series are slim, less than three inches, which marge with your television’s depth and adds beauty to your house aesthetic. Also, the Architectural Speakers Invisa series of In-wall and in-ceiling speakers merge with any interior design.

GoldenEar Innovative features

Ribbon Tweeter, Slim design & GoldenEar’s many speakers have passive radiators, adding low frequency. Their T Series and Triton Powered Series are loaded with active subwoofers, giving Full-Range Audio Performance. Those are critical Innovative features of the GoldenEar speaker’s range.

GoldenEar Floor standing Speakers

Goldenear Floor standing speakers, also called tower speakers, are Full-Range Tower Speakers. They have T Series, Triton Powered Series & Triton Passive Series floor-standing speakers, which give Performance in the Home Theater and a hi-fi stereo System.

GoldenEar Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are also called stand-mount speakers. GoldenEar has BRX (Bookshelf Reference X) and Aon 3, loaded with passive radiators. Due to that, this bookshelf gives good High and mid frequency and excellent bass that many brands can’t provide.

GoldenEar Center-Channel Speakers

GoldenEar has Ultra Powerful SuperCenter Series & SuperSat Series lineup center speakers, except SuperSat 3C. The rest have passive radiators. These GoldenEar speakers reproduce dramatically improved clarity vocals in movies, improving your cinematic experience.

GoldenEar On-Wall Speaker

GoldenEar on-wall speakers collection has SuperCinema Series three-channel 3D Array Soundbars and SuperSat Series Satellite Speakers. 2.5″ depth makes it a perfect on-wall match for the new generation of super thin flat screens.

GoldenEar In-wall and In-ceiling speakers

GoldenEar Architectural Speakers Invisa Series has In-wall and in-ceiling speakers made for a cinematic experience without compromising interior design. Invisa SPS, Invisa HTR 8000 & Invisa HTR 8000 are Perfect for Front LCR, Invisa MPX, Invisa SP 652, Invisa 650, and 600 can be used in Surround & for atoms

GoldenEar Subwoofers

GoldenEar New ForceField Series and SuperSub Series are two of the best choices for home theater setups. We were there. They range from 8-inch drivers with 500 RMS power to 12-inch drivers with 1000 watts of power with passive radiators.

GoldenEar T66 Tower Speakers with Powered subwoofer

GoldenEar T66 is the first model of their T Series. Several cosmetic and sonic refinements distinguish the new T66 from previous GoldenEar speakers. These include a dramatically augmented crossover design, high-quality internal wiring, a new cast-aluminum base and metal grille, and, in addition to GoldenEar’s Gloss Black cabinet finish, a vibrant Santa Barbara Red. They were accompanied by a High-Velocity Folded Ribbon AMT tweeter, cast-basket mid/bass units, quadratic planar radiators, and a long-throw sub-bass section powered by built-in DSP-controlled subwoofer amplification.

Driver ComplementOne Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon AMT Tweeter
: Two 4.5″ High-Definition Cast-Basket Mid/Bass Drivers
: Two 5″ x 9″ Long-Throw Quadratic Subwoofers
:Two 8″ x 12″ Quadratic Planar Back-Wave-Driven Radiators
Efficiency:91dB 1W/1M @ 4Ω (2.83V/1M)
Frequency Response:29 Hz–25kHz typical
Nominal Impedance:4Ω
Recommended Amplification::20 – 500Wpc
Built-In Subwoofer
Power Amplification:1000W peak/500W RMS, DSP-Controlled
Weight Product:27.2kg per speaker
GoldenEar SuperCenter Reference

The GoldenEra BRX delivers superior reference-level Performance for the highest quality of two-channel-channel and home theater setups, with extraordinary sound imaging and high-resolution clarity. The BRX incorporates a 6″ cast-basket bass/midrange driver and a High-Velocity Folded Ribbon AMT Tweeter, the same driver used in the GoldenEar Triton Reference.

Driver Complement: One Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon AMT Tweeter
: One 6″ High-Definition Cast-Basket Mid/Bass Reference Driver
: Two 6.5″ Side-Mounted Planar Low-Frequency Radiators
Frequency Response42Hz–25kHz
Nominal Impedance:4Ω
Recommended Amplification::20 – 250 Wpc
Weight Product:5.44 kg per speaker

The top of the GoldenEar Center channel speaker lineup is the SuperCenter Reference, with four 5-1/4″ drivers utilizing the focused-field magnet structure developed for the Triton Reference, the GoldenEar One Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon AMT Tweeter, and three planar passive radiators its perfect match for large home theater systems.

Driver Complement: One Reference High-Velocity Folded Ribbon AMT Tweeter
: Four 5.25″ Cast-Basket Mid/Bass Drivers
:Two 6.7″˝ x 8″ Quadratic Planar Low-Frequency Radiators;
:One 7″ x 10″ Quadratic Planar
Frequency Response:38Hz – 25kHz
Nominal Impedance:4Ω
Recommended Amplification::20–350 Wpc
Weight Product14 kg per speaker
  • Home Theater Applications: The GoldnEar Speaker series is specifically designed for home theater applications: GoldenEar SuperCinema and SuperSat Series speakers with ForceField Series Active subwoofer best for bedrooms & small drawing rooms. Suppose you have a large living room or are making a delicious theater room. A combination of GoldenEar Triton Powered & Passive, SuperCenter, and Invisa Series speakers with a SuperSub Series Active subwoofer can make an excellent Dolby Atmos setup.
  • Audio System Application: For a Hi-Fidelity audio system, GoldenEar’s all Floor standing T Series and Triton Powered & passive Series & Bookshelf Speaker BRX (Bookshelf Reference X) & Aon 3 are good; choose carefully as per your room size & quality you are looking for.

Creating GolenEar speaker configuration for Home Theater or High-Fidelity audio setup is a completely customized option as per end user requirement & room size. For that, it requires deep calculation & knowledge. Before buying, kindly consult with authorized audio-visual experts and buy from official channels only to have a proper warranty after-sales service. Sound Innovators are Official dealers for GolenEar in India.

GoldenEra is one of the highest-performance speaker brands in the audio industry—goldenEar speaker configuration best for home theater setup. So, take the advice of an Audio-Visual consultant to craft a great High-performance home audio setup.