Integra is a brand of audio-video receivers (AVRs) and home theater components that is owned by Onkyo Corporation. Integra was established in the 1980s and has built a reputation for producing high-quality and feature rich AVRs and audio components, particularly targeting home theater enthusiasts and custom installation markets.
Integra’s product lineup includes a range of AV receivers, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, and other audio-video components designed to deliver immersive home theater experiences and high-fidelity audio performance.

Some key features and characteristics of Integra products include:

  • Audio and Video Processing: Integra AV receivers are equipped with advanced audio and video processing technologies, including support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro- 3D, and other surround sound formats, providing three-dimensional and immersive audio experiences.
  • High-Quality Amplification: Integra products often feature high-quality amplification stages that ensure powerful and dynamic sound reproduction for home theater systems.
  • Multi-Zone and Multi-Room Audio: Many Integra AVRs offer multi-zone audio capabilities, allowing users to distribute audio to different rooms or zones in their home, each with independent control.
  • Custom Installation Features: Integra designs its products with custom integrators in mind, providing features like rack-mountable designs, remote monitoring, and RS- 232 control for seamless integration into advanced home automation systems.
  • Network Connectivity and Streaming: Integra AVRs come with built-in network connectivity, enabling access to music streaming services, internet radio, and support for networked audio playback.

Integra’s focus on performance, build quality, and custom installation features has made the brand popular among audio enthusiasts, custom integrators, and home theater professionals. The products are often used in high-end home theater installations, media rooms, and custom-designed audio systems.