JBL Synthesis is a division of Harman International, specializing in high-end audio solutions for home theaters and custom-installed audio systems. Focused on providing high-performance audio systems for home theaters and luxury audio installations. JBL Synthesis offers a range of audio components, including amplifiers, speakers, AV processors, and AV
receivers, designed to deliver immersive and cinematic audio experiences.
JBL Synthesis amplifiers are specifically engineered to provide robust and precise power delivery for home theater systems. They are designed to complement the other components in the JBL Synthesis lineup, working in harmony to create a cohesive and
powerful audio system.

Key features of JBL Synthesis amplifiers may include:

  • Power and Performance: JBL Synthesis amplifiers are known for their high power output, allowing them to drive demanding speakers and deliver impactful sound reproduction. They are designed to handle dynamic peaks and maintain clarity and accuracy at high volumes.
  • Multi-Channel Configurations: JBL Synthesis amplifiers are available in various channel configurations, ranging from stereo amplifiers to multi-channel amplifiers, to suit different system setups and requirements.
  • Class D Amplification: JBL Synthesis often employs Class D amplifier technology in their amplifiers. Class D amplifiers offer high efficiency, producing less heat and drawing less power from the electrical system while delivering substantial power output.
  • Integration and Control: JBL Synthesis amplifiers may offer integration with control systems, allowing for easy operation and control of the entire audio system. This integration can include features such as trigger inputs, RS-232 connectivity, and network control capabilities.
  • Rack-Mountable Design: JBL Synthesis amplifiers are typically designed for rack- mount installation, making them suitable for professional installations and dedicated home theater environments.

JBL Synthesis amplifiers are often used in high-end home theater systems, where precise audio reproduction and immersive sound are desired. They are favored by enthusiasts who seek cinematic audio experiences and expect exceptional performance from their audio systems.