JBL Synthesis is a division of JBL, a prominent audio brand known for its wide range of speakers and audio solutions. JBL Synthesis focuses specifically on providing high-performance audio systems and speakers for custom home theaters and high-end residential installations.
JBL Synthesis speakers are designed to deliver immersive and cinematic sound experiences, aiming to recreate the audio quality found in professional movie theaters.

Key features and technologies found in JBL Synthesis speakers include:

  • Horn-Loaded Compression Drivers: JBL has a rich heritage in horn-loaded speaker design, and JBL Synthesis speakers often incorporate horn-loaded compression drivers to deliver powerful, detailed, and dynamic sound reproduction.
  • High Sensitivity: JBL Synthesis speakers are engineered with high sensitivity, allowing them to produce high sound levels with lower power input, resulting in impactful and engaging audio performance.
  • Invisible speakers: Completely hidden from view, often by being installed within walls or ceilings and covered with paint, wallpaper, or plaster. These JBL Synthesis speakers are intended to provide audio without any visible impact on the room’s aesthetics.
  • Advanced Waveguide Technology: JBL Synthesis utilizes waveguide technology to control the dispersion of sound, ensuring accurate imaging and wide sound coverage throughout the listening area.
  • Customization and Integration: JBL Synthesis offers a range of speakers designed for different installation scenarios, including in-wall, in-ceiling, and freestanding models. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into custom home theater environments while maintaining optimal sound quality.
  • THX Certification: Many JBL Synthesis speakers are THX certified, indicating that they meet the rigorous standards set by THX for accurate audio reproduction in professional cinema environments.

JBL Synthesis speakers are often chosen for high-end home theater installations where exceptional sound quality, immersive experiences, and precise sound reproduction are desired. These systems are commonly found in dedicated home theaters or media rooms designed to deliver the ultimate cinematic experience.