Lumagen is a company that specializes in video processors and calibration devices for home theater and professional AV installations. The company was founded in 2001 and has earned a reputation for its high-performance video processing solutions that enhance and optimize video quality for a variety of display devices.

Lumagen’s video processors are designed to work with a wide range of video sources, including Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, media players, and streaming devices. They are primarily used to improve video quality, upscale lower-resolution content to higher resolutions, and perform advanced video calibration and image adjustments.

Key features and capabilities of Lumagen’s video processors may include:

  • Video Scaling: Lumagen’s processors can upscale lower-resolution content to match the native resolution of the connected display, improving image clarity and reducing artifacts.
  • HDR Tone Mapping: Many Lumagen processors support High Dynamic Range (HDR) tone mapping, ensuring that HDR content is displayed accurately on non-HDR displays, preserving detail in highlights and shadows.
  • Color Calibration: Lumagen processors allow for precise color calibration and adjustments, ensuring accurate and consistent color reproduction across different displays.
  • Gamma Correction: These processors can adjust gamma settings, ensuring accurate brightness and contrast levels for different types of content.
  • Input and Output Flexibility: Lumagen processors typically offer multiple input and output options, supporting various video formats and resolutions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Lumagen’s processors often come with user-friendly interfaces for easy setup and configuration.

Lumagen’s video processors are highly regarded among home theater enthusiasts, professional calibrators, and video enthusiasts who seek to optimize their video performance and achieve the best possible picture quality.