Brand Introduction

M&K Sound also known as Miler & Kreisel is a high-performing speakers and subwoofer manufacturing brand for high-end home theatres. Founded in Los Angeles California in 1973 by Mr. Ken Kreisel and Jonas Miller.

M&K Sound designed many innovative speakers and woofers. The first creation was the Studio Reference Subwoofer and Monitoring system in 1973 it was a combination of satellite speakers and woofer. The brand is particularly known for making speaker systems for high-end home theaters which are also used in professional studios for music, preview theaters, and television production. For over five decades, the company has been innovating advanced speaker technology, design, and the finest material. As a result, M&K Sound is the primary choice of home theater enthusiasts.

M&K Sound’s dedication to quality and innovation has cemented its reputation as a leading brand in the luxury home audio industry.

M&K Sound Innovative Technology’s

Phase-Focused Crossover

M&K Sound’s exclusive transient-optimized Phase-Focused crossover ensures extremely coherent response over a wide horizontal and vertical listening window. Ordinary crossover designers consist of just frequency response on one axis M&K Phase-Focused Crossover responses to both the time and frequency domains, at a wide range of angles in both the vertical and horizontal axis planes to optimize the speaker’s three-dimensional response.

Tripole Surrounds

M&K Sound’s exclusive Tripole rear/side surround speakers radiate sound from three sides of the cabinet in a unique configuration that combines the best characteristics of monopole, direct radiating loudspeakers with the best of a dipole design to deliver consistent, smooth, and transparent rear-channel sound, equally suited to ambient, spatial effects and specific placement across a wide listening area.

Deep Bass Concept

Every M&K Sound subwoofer has M&K Sound’s Deep Bass Concept based on the support of drivers, amplifiers, sealed enclosures, and M&K Sound’s exclusive Headroom Maximizer circuit. Headroom Maximizer allows the full, uncompressed dynamics of the audio signal to be heard while preventing amplifier clipping and distortion. M&K Sound’s Deep Bass sealed-box design reproduces bass frequencies below 20Hz with exceptional transient response, accuracy, and authority.

Push-Pull Dual Driver

The top-line M&K Sound subwoofer models are integrated with a unique Push-Pull Dual Driver configuration to eliminate even-order harmonic distortion and double the sound power per watt of amplifier power, for 6 dB of additional output and major improvements in bass detail, articulation, authority, and impact.

Timbre Matching

Conventional Home theater surround systems create a disruptive audible discontinuity when the sound shifts from one speaker to another. Timbre-matched M&K Sound speaker systems employ similar or identical drivers and similar or identical crossovers to achieve identical frequency response and tonal characteristics from all channels for a seamless three-dimensional sound field.

M&K Sound Immersive Home Theater Speaker Lineup

M&K Sound 300 Series Speakers

M&K Sound 300 Series offers compact, high-performance speakers designed for home theaters and professional studios. They reproduce precise and clear surround sound.

Miller & Kreisel S300 Speaker

THX Ultra 2 Certified Speaker and Designed in Denmark

Miller & Kreisel MP300 On-Wall Speaker

Made in Denmark

Miller & Kreisel S300T Tripole Speaker

THX Ultra 2 Certified Speaker and Designed in Denmark

M&K Sound 150 Series Speakers

M&K Sound150 Series is renowned for its unparalleled audio accuracy and dynamic range. This series is ideal for both critical listening environments and premium home theater setups, providing immersive and detailed sound.

Miller & Kreisel S150 Speaker

THX & THX Ultra Certified Speaker and Designed in Denmark

Miller & Kreisel MP150 On-Wall Speaker

Made in Denmark

Miller & Kreisel S150T Tripole Speaker

THX & THX Ultra Certified Speaker and Designed in Denmark

M&K Sound 950 Series Speakers

M&K Sound 950 Series combines high performance with a sleek design, making it suitable for modern home theaters. These speakers are designed to provide a dynamic listening experience with excellent clarity and depth, suitable for both home audio and studio use.

M&K Sound LCR950 Speaker

THX Select 2 Certified Speaker

MP950 On-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound 750 Series Speakers

M&K Sound 750 Series is a versatile and affordable option for home theater applications. These speakers are engineered to deliver balanced and detailed audio. The 750 Series is perfect for those seeking a balance between performance and cost.

M&K Sound LCR750 Speaker

THX Select Certified Speaker

M&K Sound LCR750C Speaker

THX Select Certified Speaker

M&K Sound SUR55T Tripole Speaker

THX Select Certified Speaker

M&K Sound D Series Speakers

M&K Sound D Series features compact and stylish speakers designed for high-quality sound reproduction in smaller spaces. These speakers are ideal for desktop audio, small home theaters, or as part of a multi-room audio system.

M&K Sound D95 Speaker

Architectural Speaker

M&K Sound D85 Speaker

Architectural Speaker

M&K Sound In-Wall Series Speakers

M&K Sound In-Wall Series is designed for seamless integration into home interiors, providing high-quality audio without taking up floor space. These speakers are designed to be mounted within walls, providing excellent sound quality without taking up floor or shelf space, perfect for home theater systems.

M&K Sound IW500 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound IW300 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound IW150 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound IW950 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound IW150T Tripole In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound The IW150A is an in-wall/in-ceiling speaker

M&K Sound IW5 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound IW95 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound IW85 In-Wall Speaker

M&K Sound X+ Series Subwoofer

The X+ Series subwoofers are designed for ultimate bass performance, featuring advanced driver technology and powerful amplification. These subwoofers enhance the low-frequency performance of any audio setup, providing a robust and immersive listening experience with precise bass control.

M&K Sound X15+ Subwoofer

THX Dominus Certified Subwoofer

M&K Sound X12+ Subwoofer

THX Ultra Certified Subwoofer

M&K Sound X10+ Subwoofer

THX Ultra Certified Subwoofer

M&K Sound V+ Series Subwoofer

M&K Sound V+ Series focuses on delivering high-performance audio in a compact and stylish design. Engineered to deliver impactful low frequencies, these subwoofers are ideal for enhancing the audio experience in home theaters.

M&K Sound V15+ Subwoofer

THX Ultra Certified Subwoofer

M&K Sound V12+ Subwoofer

THX Select Certified Subwoofer

M&K Sound V10+ Subwoofer

Use Cases and Applications

M&K Sound has a wide range of very high-power, and high-performance custom installations, In-wall and In-ceiling speakers, and subwoofers for High-end delicate home theater. The Miller & Kreisel home theater system reproduces not only lifelike audio in music but breathtaking surround sound in movies.

Why M&K Sound?

Choosing M&K Sound for home audio means investing in a legacy of audio excellence and innovation. M&K Sound speakers and subwoofers are trusted by film, music, and broadcast professionals, ensuring that you experience sound exactly as intended. Their commitment to high-quality materials, cutting-edge technology, and rigorous testing guarantees exceptional performance and durability. Whether for home theater or professional use, M&K Sound delivers immersive, lifelike audio that elevates your listening experience to the highest standard.

For personalized consultation and to experience the exceptional audio quality of M&K Sound, contact Sound Innovators, the trusted dealer and expert in high-end audio solutions. Our team of specialists is dedicated to helping you find the perfect M&K Sound products tailored to your specific needs, whether for home theater, professional studios, or commercial installations. Reach out to schedule a consultation, and let us guide you through the process of enhancing your audio environment with the unparalleled performance and precision of M&K Sound.

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