Monitor Audio Speakers

Monitor Audio Speakers was founded by Mr. Mo Iqbal. In 1972, in Cambridge, United Kingdom, they started the small workshop with a tight-knit team of engineers, assembling speakers by hand with quality, precision and a near-maddening perfectionism, which is still with Monitor Audio today. From the very first Speaker, the Monitor Audio iconic MA1, the brand developed, innovated, designed and refined, with a pioneering approach that saw patent after patent filed. It’s an ethos that has stayed the same. In fact, Monitor Audio is one of the very few high-end audio brands still developing new, cutting-edge technologies today.


Monitor Audio is one of the British Premium brands which have a range of speakers for home audio applications, from starting small satellite 5.1 speaker package Apex A10AV12 for Home Theater to Iconic Flagship Hyphen for Hi-end Ultra Luxurious High Fidelity audio setup.

Reputation and Legacy in the Audio Industry

Phenomenal Audio is more than the sum of its parts. Yes, it’s about the finest metals and craftsmanship, but it’s also about the warmth of the flesh and blood of the listener. The connection. That’s, Monitor Audio’s mission is to make audio human. And we see that in their products.

Since 1972, research and development in Monitor Audio have featured not only architecture design but also great sounding speakers in luxurious home theater and hi-fi (high-fidelity) audio systems.

Key Features and Technologies of Monitor Audio Speakers

Compact & high performance

Monitor Audio Compact & high performance

Monitor Audio Speakers passive soundbar and satellite speakers’ compact size and high-performance sound quality make them ideal for Home Theater applications in bedrooms and small living rooms.

Architecture Speakers

Monitor Audio Architecture Speakers

Monitor Audio Speakers custom installation, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with paintable grills, and the Invisible Speakers audiophile construction make it suitable for Home Theater and High-Fidelity system applications without disturbing home interior decor.

Innovative features

Monitor Audio Innovative features

Monitor Audio Speakers is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Their driver’s cabinet constriction develops precise and exceptional High-Fidelity award-winning speakers, the first choice among audiophile enthusiasts.

Monitor Audio Floor-standing Speakers

Floor-standing Speakers

Monitor Audio Speakers is one of few brands that develop great Floor-standing speakers, also called Tower speakers. The Platinum Series 3G, Gold Series 5G, Silver Series 7G, Bronze Series 6G, Radius 3G and Cinergy Series have the finest Floor standing speaker collection as per room size and audio listening. You can select them for Home Theater and high-fidelity stereo Systems.

Monitor Audio Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf Speakers

Monitor Audio Speakers also has one of the best bookshelf speakers, also called stand mount speakers. The Platinum Series 3G, Gold Series 5G, Silver Series 7G, Bronze Series 6G, Radius 3G and Apex 1G have precise Bookshelf Speaker collections as per room size. You can use them for Home Theater and high-fidelity Systems.

Monitor Audio Center-channel Speaker

Center-channel Speaker

In the home theater system, the Center speaker plays a crucial role in delivering complete dialogue in movies. Monitor Audio manufacturers of marvelous center speakers in their Platinum Series 3G, Gold Series 5G, Silver Series 7G, Bronze Series 6G, Radius 3G and Apex 1G Series, as well as in Custom Theatre Series.

Surround Speakers

In the Home Theatre setup, the background effect, also called the surround sound effect, is given by the Surround speaker. Monitor Audio has great surround speakers in Gold Series 5G, Silver Series 7G, Bronze Series 6G, Radius 3G, Apex 1G and SoundFrame Series.

Monitor Audio Subwoofers


The subwoofer is one of the critical elements in any Home Theater system. It proved the bass in movies. Monitor Audio Active and passive Subwoofers contribute Fast, tight, and dramatic rich low bass to the Home Theater system. Monitor Audio is the most preferable Subwoofer Silver Series 7G, Bronze Series 6G, Anthra Series, Cinergy Series, Radius 3G, Apex 1G and Custom Theatre.

Monitor Audio In-wall & In-ceiling Speakers

In-wall & In-ceiling Speakers

Monitor Audio Speakers has specific speakers for in-wall in-ceiling speakers, which deliver high-performance audio quality without disturbing interior decor. Monitor Audio In-wall and in-ceiling Speakers can be used in various applications like home multiroom Audio, Home Theater, Restaurants, and bars.

Monitor Audio Custom Theater

Custom Theater

Monitor Audio Speakers Custom Theater line-up specifically made for High-end luxury home theaters. Monitor Audio’s Creator Series, Platinum CI Series, Cinergy Series, and Basics Series deliver unbeatable surround sound in the home theater.

Monitor Audio Weather Resistant Speakers

Weather Resistant Speakers

Monitor Audio Speakers, having expertise not only indoors but creating outdoor speakers as well. Monitor Audio Outdoor on-wall, in-ceiling, and garden speakers are made to give excellent audio performance in the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Monitor Audio Hyphen Floor Standing Speaker

Hyphen is born of collaboration between Monitor Audio designers and engineers, who set out to build the best loudspeaker anyone has ever heard—an ambition that’s easy to express but a lot more challenging to achieve. Monitor Audio Speakers Hyphen is intended to be a ‘statement loudspeaker’ both technically and visually. It is also designed for ‘real’ rooms, taking into account and addressing all the inherent constraints and compromises that entail.

Monitor Audio Hyphen is a peerless, definitive, uncompromising demonstration of Monitor Audio Group’s current design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities and future ambitions. It is unlike anything Monitor Audio, or anyone else, has ever created. The most creatively ambitious, technically advanced and powerful loudspeaker in the company’s history. It delivers a dramatically enhanced listening experience with a visually striking presence.

Monitor Audio Hyphen Floor Standing Speaker Specification

Description:3-way Floor Standing
Drive units:1x MPD III Tweeter
6 x 2″ RDT III Midrange Driver
4 x 8″ RDT III Bass Driver
Frequency response:18 Hz – 60 kHz
Sensitivity:129 dB
(on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)
Nominal impedance:4 Ω
Recommended amplifier power:200W – 1600W.
Net weight:106.9 kg per Speaker
Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G Standing Speaker

There are plenty of technical innovations in the Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G. Rigid Surface Technology II keeps the sound clear and controlled even at high volume. A crossover system that balances output from the tweeter and bass driver as needed. A consistent and smooth frequency response that sounds great with all genres of music. Monitor Audio could go on, but you only really need to hear one thing: the first note of your favorite song played on a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G speakers. Then you’ll understand why it’s everything the hardened audiophile could want and everything the casual listener could need.

Punchy bass. A tremendous high and mid-range response. Beautifully crafted looks. It’s not hard to say what makes the Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G special, but it is hard to appreciate just what a difference those things make until you listen for yourself.

Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G Standing Speaker Specification

Description:3-way Floor Standing
Drive units:1 x 1″ (25 mm) C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter with UD Waveguide II
1 x 3″ C-CAM RST II mid-range driver
2 x 8″ C-CAM RST II bass driver
Frequency response:27 Hz – 35 kHz
Sensitivity:111 dB
(on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)
Nominal impedance:8 Ω
Recommended amplifier power:250W.
Net weight:22.5 kg per Speaker
Monitor Audio Cinergy 300 Speaker

Whether it’s mounted with the unique isolation options included or even used as a floor stander, with professional installation as part of a Monitor Audio Cinergy system, you’ll have world-class cinema sound in your own home. It is far superior to your local mainstream cinema, which is usually designed for larger groups to deliver the best median performance for everybody. Monitor Audio Cinergy, on the other hand, is a cinema built around you and those closest to you.

The largest Speaker in the range, providing the most prominent sound. The Monitor Audio Cinergy 300 uses the latest mid-range driver technology for the purest possible Audio.

Monitor Audio Cinergy 300 Speaker Specification

Description:3-way THX Certified Ultra Custom Installation
Drive units:1 x MPD Transducer
2 x 2.5″ C-CAM Driver
2 x 8″ RDT Driver
Frequency response:40 – 80 Hz
Sensitivity:90 dB
(on axis at 2.83Vrms at 1m)
Nominal impedance:4 Ω
Recommended amplifier power:350W to 1400W.
Net weight:44.4 kg per Speaker
  • Home Theater Applications: Monitor Audio. Most of the series can be used for Home Theater. The following chart explains better as per room.
  • Bedroom or small living room: Monitor Audio Radius 3G, In-wall & In-ceiling Series
  • Living room: Monitor Audio Platinum Series 3G, Gold Series 5G, Silver Series 7G, Bronze Series 6G, Radius 3G and Cinergy Series & In-wall & In-ceiling Series
  • Media or Theater room: Monitor Audio In-wall & In-ceiling Series & Cinergy Series
  • Audio System Application: For a hi-fidelity audio system monitor Audio, all floor-standing and bookshelf Speakers are ideal. Choose carefully as per the room size and quality you are looking for.

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