Powersoft is an Italian audio electronics manufacturer specializing in the design and production of high-quality power amplifiers and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) solutions. The company was founded in 1995 by Claudio Lastrucci and is headquartered in Florence, Italy.

Powersoft is highly regarded in the professional audio industry for its innovative amplifier technology, efficiency, and reliability. Their products are widely used in various applications, including live sound reinforcement, touring, installations, and cinema.

Key features and characteristics of Powersoft amplifiers may include:

  • Class D Amplification: Powersoft is known for its Class D amplifier technology, which offers high power efficiency, reduced heat generation, and lightweight designs without compromising on audio performance.
  • DSP Processing: Many Powersoft amplifiers feature advanced DSP capabilities, allowing for precise control and optimization of the audio signal, including EQ, crossover, delay, and limiting functions.
  • Remote Control and Monitoring: Powersoft’s amplifiers often come with built-in networking capabilities, enabling remote control and monitoring of amplifier parameters through software interfaces.
  • High Power Density: Powersoft amplifiers are engineered to deliver high power output in compact and space-saving designs, making them ideal for various installation scenarios.
  • Touring and Install Versions: Powersoft offers amplifiers tailored for different applications, with models optimized for touring and rugged use and others designed for fixed installations.
  • Green Audio Technology: Powersoft is committed to energy efficiency and has developed its “Green Audio Power” technology, which reduces power consumption without compromising on audio performance.

Powersoft’s products are used by professional audio companies, sound engineers, and audiovisual integrators worldwide. They are particularly favored in large-scale events, concerts, festivals, and high-profile installations where reliability, performance, and efficiency are crucial.

As a leading player in the power amplifier market, Powersoft continues to innovate and push the boundaries of audio technology, introducing new amplifier models and advanced features to meet the demands of the ever-evolving audio industry.