Sonus faber Speakers

Sonus Faber Speakers

Sonus Faber is a well-known designer and manufacturer of high-end audio equipment from Italy. They were founded in 1983 by Mr. Franco Serblin; it’s part of the McIntosh group. Sonus Faber speakers are handcrafted in Vicenza, Italy. After almost 40 years of audio engineering with signature Italian design, they craft speakers from organic materials such as wood and leather, producing the signature “natural sound.” Suppose you love Opera, Classical, and Country Music. Sonus Faber will be your choice.


Sonus Faber is a premium range brand. They have a product from Ultra Luxury HiFi Audio, which will perform a home theater speaker series to a nice wireless and multimedia collection. Now, they come up with outdoor application speakers also.

Reputation and Legacy in the Audio Industry:

Sonus Faber is a luxurious Italian speaker brand. The speakers are primarily used in luxury high-fidelity audio setups. Handcrafted speakers using natural elements are its Sonus Faber legacy.

D.A.D. (DAMPED APEX DOME) Tweeter, Semi-balanced & I.F.F. (Interactive Fusion Filtering) Crossover Design, Stealth Reflex or Ultraflex System, T.M.D. (TUNED MASS DAMPER) Z.V.T. (Zero Vibration Transmission) Is a key technological feature available in Sonus Faber Speakers to avoid inner spurious vibrations.


“Reproducing ultimate high performing audio quality.” That’s the only goal Sonus Faber follows in designing their speakers. As a result, every Sonus Faber model is admired by audiophile enthusiasts.

Architecture Speakers:

Simplicity, elegance, and luxury are fundamental characteristics of Italian design, followed by Sonus Faber, and we can see those in their products. That’s why many Architects and interior designers like Sonus Faber products add more beauty to interior decor without compromising sound quality. Those make them perfect Architectural speakers.

This brand is an OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Their drivers and cabinet constriction develop precise and exceptional High-Fidelity award-winning speakers.

Sonus Faber’s every series has a collection of fabulous Floor Standing speakers, which are also called Tower Speakers. Sonus Faber floor-standing speakers show the highest standard of Italian design & engineering. Whiter those are the Topmost luxuries Reference Collection’s AIDA, LILIUM, IL CREMONESE, IL CREMONESE EX3ME, and Heritage Collection’s MAXIMA AMATOR, also newly introduced Stradivari which is designed for deliciated high-end HiFi (High-fidelity) audio system. Also, the luxurious HOMAGE Collection, OLYMPICA NOVA Collection, medium-range SONETTO Collection, and LUMINA Collection also reproduce excellent performance in HiFi setup and home theater.

Sonus Faber Floor-standing Speakers
Sonus Faber Bookshelf Speakers

Sonus Faber has a range of luxurious Bookshelf speakers called stand-mount speakers. Sonus Faber bookshelf speakers reproduce an excellent audio experience in a high-end hi-fi (high-fidelity) audio system. These compact bookshelf speakers boast exquisite craftsmanship, premium materials, and advanced engineering. The Sonus Faber is known for combining advanced speaker technology with a luxurious design aesthetic. Whiter its most luxurious HOMAGE Collection new Guarneri G5, OLYMPICA Nova I and HERITAGE Collection Electa Amator III & Electa Amator II or Mid-range Sonetto II, Sonetto I, Lumina II, and Lumina I. now they introduced Powered wireless Bookshelf Speaker called DUETTO.

The Center Speaker is the most critical in the Home Theater system.

Sonus Faber Center-channel speaker designed and developed to guarantee a genuinely exclusive Home Theatre experience. Which gives the expertise of Sophisticated and refined vocals and instruments with purity and precision for convincing sound reproduction. The new Collection of Center-channel speakers embraces the most advanced technologies that already enhance Sonus Faber’s most prestigious creations.
Sonus Faber Handcrafted following Center-channel Speaker. – Sonus Faber VOX, OLYMPICA NOVA CII & CI, SONETTO CENTER I & II & LUMINA CI.

Sonus Faber Center-channel Speaker
Sonus Faber In-wall & In-ceiling Speakers

For many years, Sonus Faber focused on traditional speakers, but recently, they started their research & crafted an attractive and high-performance custom installation collection. Sounds Faber In-wall and In-ceiling Custom installation speakers Olympica Nova, ARENA, PALLADIO LEVEL 6 & PALLADIO LEVEL 5 series are crafted with natural materials combined with electroacoustic project and design. These models represent a unique choice in the Custom Installation landscape. They reproduce luxuries of high-end cinematic audio experience in home theater, and the HiFi system also adds beauty to your home interior design.

ASTER is the only outdoor speaker Sonus Faber has. Aster derives its name from the Latin word for “star.” Aster brings Sonus Faber’s Natural Sound to the outdoors. Pairing elegant design with a simple set-up, Aster elevates sound quality and ambiance on terraces, patios, gardens, and more. Aster’s slim, organic shape helps reproduce immaculate sound while channeling the modern design language of Sonus Faber. The two passive radiators on the side increase efficiency and eliminate distortion. The total white and total black options pair seamlessly with a diverse array of design aesthetics. With IP65 certification, the speakers can withstand the elements, from rain to dust.

Sonus Faber Outdoor Speakers

Aida is Sonus Faber’s flagship model. Name Aida taken from Giuseppe Verdi’s magnificent opera in 1871. Sonus Faber Aida elements maintain their typical design, embracing the most advanced electroacoustic developments. Sonus Faber Aida Is a superb beauty that brings high-fidelity audio into being.

Sonus Faber Aida Speaker

Sonus Faber Aida Specification:

Description3 and 2/3” way, Sound field Shaper technology, “Zero Vibration Transmission technology, para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Ultraflex System” and staggered low frequency floor standing Speaker System
Drive units:1x 28mm H28 XTR-04 DAD Arrow Twitter
:1x 180mm M18 XTR-04 Neodymium Magnet System Midrange
:2x 220mm W22XTR-12 Fe Magnet System Low
:1x 320mm SW32XTR-08 Long Throw Fe Magnet System Low
Sound Field Shaper
Drive units.
:1x 29mm 29XTR2 DAD Arrow point Twitter
:2x 80mm M8XTR midrange
Frequency range: 18 Hz – 35.000 Hz, Stealth Ultraflex included.
Crossover frequency: 55 Hz – 150 Hz – 200 Hz – 3000 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 4Ω
Power Handling:100 – 1000 watts without clipping.
Net weight: 165 kg per speaker

Sonetto’s name takes form from an ancient Italian Poem whose meaning is “Sound, Melody. “

Sonus Faber SONETTO VIII Speaker

Sonus Faber SONETTO VIII is one of the powerful 3-way speakers. Its Lute shape and excellent finish show Italian craftsmanship. This speaker can be used in the Home Theater HiFi Audio system. SONETTO VIII is 100% made in Italy.

Sonus Faber SONETTO VIII Specification:

Description: 3-way floor standing loudspeaker system. Vented box design.
Drive units:1x 29mm High-Definition DAD driver. DKM dome diaphragm, Twitter
:1x 150mm Custom diaphragm made with cellulose pulp and other natural fibers, Midrange.
:3x 180mm Ultra-free compression basket, aluminum cone for maximum speed Low
Frequency range: 36 Hz – 25.000 Hz
Crossover frequency: 270Hz – 3.000Hz
Nominal Impedance: 4Ω
Power Handling:50 – 300 watts without clipping.
Net weight: 26.3 kg per speaker

DUTTO is the First wireless stereo speaker designed by Sonus Faber.

Sonus Faber DUTTO Speaker

Sonus Faber DUTTO Specification:

DUTTO has four on-board amplifiers, and their high-quality drivers give powerful HiFi performance, especially at low frequencies.

Sonus Faber Duetto has analog and digital connectivity. Duetto is WiFi Certified and compatible with streaming connectivity of AirPlay Chromecast and Bluetooth. It easily connects to televisions, turntables, and active subwoofers using HDMI and optical inputs.

Description2-way Curved Vented box.
Drive units:1x 28mm Ferrite Magnet system with copper cap, Silk dome and dedicated Waveguide, Twitter
:1x 134mm Neodymium Magnet system with copper cap and Aluminum ring, long excursion design, Midrange.
On Board Amplifier: Twitter 100 watts Class AB
: Mid/Low 250 watts Class D
Connectivity: WiFi Certified
: Input – RCA/PHONO, Optical, HDMI ARC/EARC
: Output – Subwoofer
Frequency range: 37 Hz –30.000 Hz
Crossover frequency: 1900 Hz
Maximum SPL: 105dBSPL @1m
Net weight: 6.8 kg per speaker
Home Theater Applications

Sonus Faber has all architecture speakers.
For only movie applications, Custom installation Collection ARENA, PALLDIO LEVEL 6, and PALLDIO LEVEL 5 can be used.
For movies and music, combined applications HOMAGE, OLYMPICA NOVA, SONETTO & LUMINA Collection will be highly recommended.

Audio System Application

Sonus Faber is designed for luxury high-fidelity (hi-fi) audio setups. You can choose the perfect pair for your stereo setup as per your audio lesson. You are also selecting an amplifier. It’s the most crucial part of you to do that wisely so you will have a great HiFi setup.

Creating Sonus Faber configuration for Home Theater or High-Fidelity audio setup is a customized option per end user requirement and room size. That requires deep calculation knowledge. Before buying, kindly consult authorized audio-visual experts and buy from official channels only so you have a proper warranty after-sales service. Sound Innovators is an official dealer for Bowers & Wilkins in India.


Sonus Faber can perform grate in Home Theater setup?

Yes, but you will need good, powered AV Receiver or Power amplifier & Subwoofer for that.

Which amplifiers pair well with Sonus Faber Speakers?

Its depends on End-user lessoning genre but Sonus Faber require Hi power amplifier to drive them Mcintosh, Rotel & Accuphase are some of the options can be considered.