STEALTH Acoustics is a U.S.-based audio manufacturer specializing in invisible or hidden audio solutions. The company was founded in 1977 and is known for its patented technologies that allow speakers to be integrated seamlessly into walls, ceilings, and other architectural elements, making them completely invisible to the eye.

STEALTH Acoustics’ product lineup includes various invisible speakers and subwoofers designed for both residential and commercial installations. Some key features and characteristics of STEALTH Acoustics’ invisible speakers include:

  • Invisible Design: STEALTH Acoustics’ speakers are designed to be completely concealed behind surfaces such as walls, ceilings, or artwork, blending seamlessly into the environment.
  • Vibrant Sound: Despite their hidden nature, STEALTH Acoustics’ speakers are engineered to deliver high-quality audio performance, providing clear and dynamic sound reproduction.
  • Weatherproof Models: The company offers weatherproof versions of their invisible speakers, suitable for outdoor applications like gardens, patios, or pool areas.
  • Professional Installations: STEALTH Acoustics’ invisible speakers typically require professional installation by trained installers to ensure proper setup and acoustic performance.

These invisible audio solutions have gained popularity in luxury home installations, corporate environments, hospitality venues, and other spaces where traditional speaker systems may not be aesthetically desirable.

In addition to invisible speakers, STEALTH Acoustics also offers other innovative audio solutions, including embedded audio transducers for tactile sound experiences in architectural surfaces and outdoor landscape speakers