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Enhance Your Entertainment with Professional Home Theater Design and Installation.

Lets make home theater design concept to reality, and turn your space into a cinematic masterpiece.

Nowadays, in a fast-moving lifestyle, people don’t have much time for theater to watch movies with family & friends. Home theater gives you the advantage of enjoying a cinematic experience at your home. Whether buying Blu-ray discs or using OTT platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, current-day technology is more advanced, and you can get a much better audio-visual experience than actual theater.

Some Benefits of Home Theatre Systems

  • Spend Quality time with friends & family: Watch your favorite movies or TV series on a big screen with surround sound effects.
  • Enjoy The sports & Music concerts: Experience crowd cheers, player conversations, and commentary from different speakers replicating the stadium feel. Feel the soundstage like being at a live concert.
  • Get actual cinematic experience at home: Some people can’t go to the theater due to their celebrity status. So there is a media server used in the cinema hall that can be fixed in your private theater so you can enjoy the first day of the first show at your place, but that comes with a heavy price tag.

Key Elements of Home Theatre Design

A home theater design can be configured anywhere, whether it’s a good-sized bedroom, living room, or proper theater room. You need to contact Sound Innovators. We can make you home theater design and instal the setup without disturbing the aesthetics of the room & audio-visual quality that you want.

We Provide Best and Professional Home Theatre Installation Service

Transform your space into an entertainment haven with our professional home theatre installation services. Our experts bring precision and expertise in your home therater design to ensure seamless integration, optimal audio-visual performance, and a cinematic experience that exceeds expectations.

Importance of Expert Installation Services

Home Theatre equipment placement positioning is the most crucial factor. That improves the quality life of the equipment. Sound Innovators consultants take great care regarding theater equipment placement and positioning.

Ensuring Seamless Integration of Audio-Visual Components:

Home theatre components must be selected as per room size. Speakers and subwoofers, powerful amplifiers, high-resolution Projectors, and big screens are also the heart of this Audio Video processor or AV Receiver. At Sound Innovators, we study all factors that suggest high-quality audio-visual equipment to create a luxurious home theatre setup.

Wiring and Cable Management Tips

Any High-end home theater system is incompetent with high-quality cables. Sound Innovators Audio Visual Consultant always makes a compromise on this part. From selecting cable or laying cable, they give the topmost suggestions if any luxurious home theater setup needs to be completed.

Calibration for Optimal Performance

Home Theater Installation calibration is like the final touch on jewels. From connection equipment to audio-video calibration, sound innovators’ engineers follow all parameters to give the end user the highest quality.

Our Trusted Partners in Home Theater Excellence

Explore the cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship offered by our trusted partners, ensuring that every moment in your home theatre is an extraordinary experience.

Budget Considerations

Many people tangle when it comes to selecting home theater components. They have many questions! That’s normal due to the many options available in the luxury audio-video industry at various price points and performances. Sound Innovators are showcasing options per configuration, room size, and area with minimum setup pricing to help build ground.

Elementary Dolby Atmos Setup

Rs. 2,50,000/-
  • 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos
  • Around 120 Square Feet
  • Bedroom, Living room

Moderate Dolby Atmos Setup

Rs. 15,00,000/-
  • 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos with Projector & Screen
  • Around 250 Square Feet
  • Living room, Media room

Righteousness Dolby Atmos Setup

Rs. 30,00,000
  • 7.4.4 Dolby Atmos Home with Projector & Anamorphic lens
  • Around 300 Square Feet & more
  • Living room, Theatre room & Preview Theatre

Why Professional Consultation Matters in Home Theater Design and Installation.

Every home theater system is unique, and every requirement and usage differs. At Sound Innovators, we give high priority when it comes to recommending some products to clients. We always give preference to superior performance. That’s why when it comes to suggesting home theater design and its components, we take lots of input from him and proceed.

In AV Consultancy, we understand end-user requirements and recommend products that match interior design without compromising the audio-video quality of home theater. They have many steps in it. For more details, kindly contact Sound Innovators.

Contact and Consultation

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