Artcoustic Speakers

Artcoustic Speakers is a known Danish High-end speakers design manufacturing company founded by Mr. Kim Donvig in 1989. From the beginning itself, it has gained the tag of a luxury audio brand. Keeping behind traditional speaker design, they come with unique models that are suitable for Luxury High-end home theater and commercial use.


Artcoustic Speakers comes in premium range speakers due to their high SPL level unique designs that can be used in various applications like designer home audio speakers in the living room bedroom room and in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in the custom theater room.

Reputation and Legacy in the Audio Industry:

Due to Artcoustic’s architectural design and deep performance, they are the ideal choice for interior designers and architects mainly used in residential as well as commercial use.

After many years of research and development, Acoustic speakers feature not only good looks for architectural design but also great sound without compromising one another.

Compact and High performance

The Artcoustic Speaker SL Series is specifically designed as a compact but powerful High-Fidelity speaker majorly used in residential and commercial use.

Architecture Artcoustic Speaker:

The Artcoustic CPH Series is designed to be very elegant and customizable and can be used in various applications, whether in single or multi-room options.

Sound Array and High SPL

Artcoustic SL Spitfire Series is a Home Cinema series. They can be placed in vertical and horizontal arrays, which offers outspoken HI SPL and Power, which is ideal for Deliciated Home Theatre and commercial use.

Artcoustic wall speakers provide an elegant design that can be used for home theater systems, and High-Fidelity audio setups can be covered from smallest to largest room sizes. Artcoustic wall speakers are comfortably placed in the smallest cabinet and are also available in various colors and finishes, which gives options for Interior decor.

Artcoustic On-wall speakers
Artcoustic In-ceiling & In-wall Speakers:

Artcoustic in-ceiling speakers are engineered for extremely high performance for luxurious and high-end home cinema systems. Their ultrathin design will maintain the elegance of the home theater. Artcoustic In-ceiling speaker’s flexible installation allows them to be used as in-wall speakers as well.

Most of the sound bars are active and used to improve TV sound quality, but Acoustic soundbars are designed to give an audiophile-grade home theater experience. They are available in single-channel, Two-channel, and Three-channel passive Soundbars with color finish options.

Artcoustic Sound Bar
Artcoustic Cinema Speakers

Artcoustic Cinema series speakers made for Luxurious High-end home theater setups. Speakers having high SPL levels and adjustable horizontal and vertical arrays make them perfect not only for home theater setups but also for clubs and bars.

Artcoustic subwoofers have a low resonance frequency 4th order bandpass design, which gives powerful polished bass ideals for High-end home theater setups.

Artcoustic Subwoofers
Artcoustic Spitfire 14

Combination of Single Spitfire A6 and Two Spitfire A4 configure 7 Array Spitfire A14.

Spitfire Array Bracket gives the advantage of adjusting the right angle for optimum surround sound effects. Arrays can be powered as per room size distance from the setting arrangement.

Configuring Artcoustic Spitfire for home theater is one of the Luxurious and high-end Options.

Operating Range:70 Hz (-6 dB) to 20 kHz
Sensitivity:04 dB
Maximum Power Handling:420 Watt RMS (AES Standard)
Impedance:4 ohms nominal
Average Peak SPL:129 dB
Weight:12.9 kg
Dimensions:H: 720, W: 280, D: 250-350 mm
Artcoustic SL Evolve 24-12

The configuration of high and mid-SL Evolve 24-12 Artcoustic has a high sound pressure level, and the modular SL array delivers higher dynamics and output than the 16-8 version, perfect for high-fidelity audio and luxurious home theatre setup.

Operating Range:75 Hz (-3 dB) to 40 kHz
Sensitivity:107 dB
Maximum Power Handling:720 Watt
Impedance:5 ohms nominal
Average Peak SPL:135 dB
Weight:17 kg
Dimensions:H:1048, W: 270, D: 72 mm
  • Extended flat frequency response up to 40 kHz
  • Detailed and transparent sweet spot
  • A sophisticated and minimal cabinet design
  • High sensitivity and exceptional sound pressure level
  • Low distortion
  • Home Theater Applications: Due to High SPL and sensitivity Artcoustic, all speakers are ideal for Home Theatres. The best performance combination of Spitfire Series, SL Series, and In-ceiling Artcoustic Speakers with suitable Power Amplifiers and audio Video Processors can make the ultimate Dolby Atmos experience.
  • Studio-Quality Sound for Music Enthusiasts: Artcoustic SL Series are best in HiFi (High Fidelity) audio setup compared to their other series due to their high sound pressure level and modular SL array design. Also, the SL Series won’t disturb your room decor.

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