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JL Audio is an American Subwoofer manufacturing company. They were founded in 1975 by Mr. James Birch. JL Audio Speakers designs only Subwoofers for home audio applications. They have all kinds of Active and passive subwoofers, like Powered Subwoofers, Architectural Subwoofers (In-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers), and subwoofer amplifiers. JL Audio is one of the top brands in the home theater industry, known for its specialty in subwoofers.


JL Audio is one of the premium brands with a range of subwoofers for home theater applications, from Dominion to the most powerful Gotham, for high-end, ultra-luxurious home theater audio setups.

Reputation and Legacy in the Audio Industry:

The reputation of crafting perfect High-end subwoofers for Home Theater, Cars, and marine vessels. With the greatest hi-performance and powerful subwoofers in past years, JL Audio is considered a legendary brand in the audio industry. JL Audio is one of the premium brands with a range of subwoofers for home theater applications, from Dominion to the most powerful Gotham, for high-end, ultra-luxurious home theater audio setups.

Since 1975, research and development of JL Audio have helped create powerful and Architectural Subwoofers for Luxurious Home Theatre. Very few brands have achieved this technology.

JL Audio’s Dominion d108 Active subwoofer is the most compact subwoofer JL has but take this lightly. Dominion d108 occupies around one square foot of floor space but generates 500 watts of RMS power and covers up to 300 square feet of area.

This Speakers designed and crafted outstanding Architectural Subwoofers to disappear in your walls or ceilings and deliver the actual JL Audio active subwoofer performance without affecting your interior design.

This speakers are sole manufacturer with mastery of designing and developing subwoofers for home theater applications. They only make outstanding subwoofers.

An active subwoofer is also called a powered subwoofer. In JL Audio’s arsenal, there are a range of Dominion Series, E-Sub Series, Fathom Series, and Gotham powered subwoofers, which Feature a 10-inch active subwoofer with 500 watts RMS, and a Dual 13.5-inch powered subwoofer with 4500 watts RMS.

jl audio Active subwoofer
jl audio Architecture Subwoofers

This Brand has Fathom IWS-13 13.5-inch In-Wall Subwoofer Systems & Fathom IWS/ICS-8 8-inch In-Wall & In-Ceiling Subwoofer Systems in Architecture Subwoofers range. Those can give groundbreaking JL Audio performance without compromising interior decor.

This Brand Gotham® v2 g213v2-GLOSS is also called King of Bass. It’s a flagship model of the subwoofer range. You will feel it special when you see it, but when you experience it, it will be beyond your imagination. JL Audio Gotham features A luxurious, handcrafted gloss-black finish accompanied by machined aluminum and stainless-steel accents for a look and feel that fits perfectly with the finest home furnishings. More importantly, the beautiful cabinet houses a pair of JLAudio’s highest-technology Subwoofers.

JL Audio Gotham® v2 g213v2-GLOSS:

Gotham® v2 g213v2-GLOSS Specification

When demanded by program material, the Gotham’s prodigious switching amplifier can deliver 4500 watts of RMS power to take full advantage of the twin drivers’ four inches of peak-to-peak excursion capability. This ensures that the Gotham can breeze through material that makes other subwoofers go into clipping, limiting, or distress.

Description: Dual 13.5-inch (345 mm) Powered Subwoofer
Drive units: Twin 13.5-inch
Frequency Response: 19-112 Hz (±1.5dB)
–3 dB at 17.5 Hz / 120 Hz & –10 dB at 14 Hz / 150 Hz
Effective Displacement: 773 cu. in. (12.7 liters)
Effective Piston Area: 214.70 sq. in. (0.1386 sq. m)
Amplifier Power: 4500 watts RMS
Net weight: 168 kg
Make: Built in USA.

The same minds that engineered JL Audio’s reference-grade Fathom and Gotham-powered subwoofers have created an amazing in-wall subwoofer solution centered on a pair of innovative, thin-line drivers with groundbreaking technologies.

JL Audio Fathom® IWSv2 13.5-inch In-Wall v2 Active Subwoofer System

Gotham® v2 g213v2-GLOSS Specification:

Housing these exotic drivers are two critically engineered enclosures with a unique floating mount design to minimize wall excitation. The enclosures feature extensive architectural features aimed at improving rigidity while keeping a very low profile and minimal wall thickness. A paintable, fine steel-mesh grille, also designed to control vibration, is included for each enclosure in the system.

The IWSv2-SYS-213 is driven by a rack-mountable, purpose-tuned amplifier, capable of delivering up to 2 kW of clean power and with serious processing features, including our latest Digital Automatic Room Optimization system.

Drive units: 13.5-inch
Frequency Response: 26 Hz – 101 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB)
Effective Displacement: 147.3 cu. in. (2.41 liters)
Effective Piston Area: 98.26 sq. in.
Amplifier Power: 1000 watts RMS
Net weight: 15.9 kg
Make: Built in USA.

Every Dominion d108 Active Subwoofer is built in JL Audio’s U.S. factory to deliver years of listening enjoyment.

JL Audio Dominion d108 Active Subwoofer

Dominion d108 Specification:

The Dominion d108 Active Subwoofer benefits from JL Audio’s driver and amplifier design expertise to arrive at a unique solution for applications requiring a compact, more affordable subwoofer, unlike any other product in its price class.

Dominion d108 Active subwoofer can be used in full home theater systems, media room systems, dedicated two-channel music systems, desktop audio workstations, and small recording studios, to name a few potential applications. High-level inputs allow adding a subwoofer to systems lacking line outputs.

Drive units: Single 8-inch
Frequency Response: 31 – 112 Hz (±1.5dB)
Effective Displacement: 80 cu. in. (1.3 liters)
Effective Piston Area: 32.18 sq. in. (0.0208 sq. m)
Amplifier Power: 500 watts RMS
Net weight: 12 kg
Make: Built in USA.

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