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Mr Jerry and Mr Scott founded Paradigm in 1982 near Toronto, Canada. Mr. Jerry (sales, marketing, advertising) and Scott (design, manufacturing) gathered a team of dedicated audiophiles and engineers, and from these humble beginnings, Paradigm was born. Their goal was to achieve a level of performance that would erase the Speaker from the equation. Pure, lifelike audio, uninhibited by colouration, unrestrained in its ability to translate power into sound. And to do it at a price that would allow anyone to experience this magic.


This Speakers are Canadian Premium brand which has a range of speakers for home audio applications, from starting small satellite 5.1 speaker package Cinema 100 CT for Home Theater to Iconic Flagship Persona 9H for Ultra Luxurious High Fidelity audio and High-End Home Theater setup.

Reputation and Legacy in the Audio Industry

The 1990s were a decade of growth and expansion. The company and its reputation grew. Distribution expanded beyond the Canadian border. Paradigm’s array of application-specific audio solutions grew. Paradigm’s physical space also did, with the planning of one of North America’s most extensive loudspeaker manufacturing facilities.

Since 1982, research and development of this speakers have featured not only architecture design but also great sounding speakers in high-end home theater and luxurious hi-fi (high-fidelity) audio systems.

Key Features and Technologies Paradigm Speakers

Compact & high performance

Compact & high performance Paradigm Speakers

This brand’s passive soundbar and satellite speakers’ compact size and high-performance sound quality make them ideal for Home Theater applications in bedrooms and small living rooms.

Architecture Speakers

Paradigm Architecture Speakers

Paradigm custom installation, In-wall and In-ceiling speakers with paintable grills, as well as Invisible Speakers audiophile construction, make it suitable for Home Theater and High-Fidelity system applications without disturbing home interior decor.

Innovative features

Paradigm Innovative features

This speakers has never rested on its original laurels. Instead, they have been focused on a constant, intensive, ever-advancing program of fundamental research into the nature of sound and human hearing. This is the essence of Paradigm technology: applied knowledge and endless and ongoing innovation. The result is obvious. All you have to do is listen.

Paradigm Floor-standing Speakers

This is one of few brands that develop great Floor-standing speakers, also called Tower speakers. The Persona Series, Founder Series, Premier Series, And Monitor Series have the finest Floor standing speaker collection as per room size and audio listening. You can select them for Home Theater and high-fidelity stereo Systems.

Paradigm Bookshelf Speakers

This Speakers also has one of the best bookshelf speakers, also called stand mount speakers. The Persona Series, Founder Series, Premier Series, And Monitor Series have precise Bookshelf Speaker collections as per room size. You can use them for Home Theater and high-fidelity Systems.

Paradigm Center-channel Speaker

In the home theater system, the Center speaker plays a crucial role in delivering complete dialogue in movies. This Brand manufacturers of marvelous center speakers their Persona Series, Founder Series, Premier Series, Monitor Series, Cinema Series and Décor Custom Collection.

Paradigm Surround Speakers

In the Home Theatre setup, the background effect, also called the surround sound effect, is given by the surround speaker. Paradigm has delicate grate surround speakers in the Monitor Series

Paradigm Subwoofers

The Subwoofer is one of the critical elements in any Home Theater system. It proved the bass in movies. Paradigm Active & Passive Subwoofers contribute tight and dramatic rich low bass to the Home Theater system. Paradigm is the most preferable Subwoofer in the XR Series, Signature Series, Persona Series, Defiance Series, Seismic, Millenia Series and Cinema Series.

Paradigm Soundbars

This speakers has a great collection of Passive Soundbars, Custom Center channel and LCR Speakers in the Decor Custom collection, Decor standard collection, Millenia Series and Cinema Series, which can be customized with Television length and submerged with TV depth. Those can provide the ultimate sound experience without disturbing your interior decor.

Paradigm In-wall & In-ceiling Speakers

Paradigm has specific speakers and subwoofers in CI Elite series v2, CI PRO Series v2, CI HOME Series v2 and RVC in wall, which deliver high-performance audio quality without disturbing interior decor. Paradigm In-wall and in-ceiling Speakers can be used in various applications like home multi room audio, Home Theater, Restaurants, and bars.

Paradigm Outdoor Speakers

This brand has expertise not only in indoor but in creating outdoor speakers as well. Paradigm Garden Oasis landscape loudspeaker system, Stylus Series on-wall speakers and 2ch Rock speakers called Rock Monitor SM are made to give excellent audio performance in the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Paradigm Persona 9H Floor Standing Speakers with Active Subwoofer

Persona 9H, the flagship of the Persona Series, is the most advanced, highest-performing Speaker Paradigm has ever designed. The Paradigm Persona 9H has a hybrid design, with each speaker pair powered by a separate DSP-controlled 700-watt amplifier for each low-frequency driver (woofer), a total of 1,400 watts.

So, the external amplifier powers only the beryllium mid and tweeter. The frequency response is an astounding 19 Hz -45 kHz, basically, from gut feeling to the perceived ambience and every frequency heard in between.

Paradigm Persona 9H Floor Standing Speakers are entirely designed, engineered, and crafted in Canada.

Description:6-driver, 3-1/2-way hybrid Floor standing with active bass acoustic suspension
Drive units:1″ (25mm) Truextent Beryllium dome Tweeter
7″ (178mm) Truextent Beryllium Midrange Driver
4 x 8-1/2″ (215 mm) ultra-high-excursion X-PAL Bass Driver
Amplifier:Separate DSP-controlled 700 W RMS amplifier
Frequency response:±2dB from 19 Hz – 45 kHz
Sensitivity:96 dB
Nominal impedance:8 Ω
Recommended amplifier power:400W
Net weight:86 kg per Speaker
Paradigm decor custom collection 1SC 85 INCH LCR Soundbar

Paradigm 1SC 85 INCH Decor Series Soundbar is designed with ease of installation in mind.
The package includes a wall bracket that offers the utmost mounting flexibility, allowing users to attach the soundbar to any wall or surface easily.

Additionally, an included television bracket provides a sleek and clean television-centric installation that blends seamlessly with your TV. Integrated Wire Management Channel eliminates wire pinching and allows the Speaker to sit nearly flush against the wall.

Description:13-driver; acoustic suspension Stereo + Center Soundbar
Drive units:3 x 1″ (2.5cm) X-PALTM domes Tweeter
10 x 4.5″ (11.4cm)anodized aluminum unibody cones Midrange Driver
Frequency response:140 Hz – 21 kHz
Sensitivity:94 dB
Nominal impedance:8 Ω
Recommended amplifier power:130W
Net weight:8 kg
Paradigm Signature SUB 2

The most challenging task in designing Paradigm Signature SUB 2 was not just to have it play lower and louder than any other subwoofers in the world but to do so in a size that wouldn’t dominate the average living room and in a cabinet that could be mistaken for a beautiful piece of furniture. With six cutting-edge drivers in each sub, transient information is conveyed with pristine clarity and perfect precision. Dynamics come through with lightning-fast speed and power so shattering that it must be heard to be believed. Bass reproduction is eerily accurate and detailed, in large part a result of the unique Vibration-Canceling Design Architecture (VCDA).

Drive units:6 x 254-mm (10 in) RCR mineral-filled polypropylene cones
Frequency response:±3 dB 9Hz – 260Hz
Low Pass Filter Frequency:Variable 35 Hz – 150 Hz; Bypass Option
Amplifier Power:4500 watts RMS
Make:Crafted In Canada.
Net weight:106 kg
  • Home Theater Applications: Paradigm Most of the series can be used for Home Theater. The following chart explains better as per room.
  • Bedroom or small living room: Paradigm Millenia Series, Cinema Series, Decor Custom Collection, Decor Standard Collection, In-wall & In-ceiling Series.
  • Living room: Paradigm Persona Series, Founder Series, Premier Series, And Monitor Series, Decor Custom Collection, Decor Standard Collection, and In-wall & In-ceiling Series
  • Media or Theater room: Paradigm Persona Series, Founder Series, Premier Series, Monitor Series and Custom Installation.
  • Audio System Application: For the high-fidelity audio system Paradigm, all Floor-standing and bookshelf speakers are ideal. Choose carefully as per the room size quality you are looking for.

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