SIM2 is an Italian manufacturer known for producing high-quality video projectors and displays, with a focus on home theater and professional audiovisual applications. The company was founded in 1995 by Maurizio Cini and has since become a well-respected name in the audiovisual industry.
SIM2’s product lineup includes a range of video projectors and displays designed to deliver exceptional image quality and performance. Some of the key features and technologies found in SIM2 projectors include:

  • DLP Technology: SIM2 utilizes DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology in many of its projectors, providing high-quality, sharp, and detailed images with excellent color accuracy.
  • 4K UHD Resolution: SIM2 offers 4K Ultra HD resolution projectors, which provide four times the pixel count of Full HD, resulting in incredibly detailed and lifelike images.
  • High Brightness and Contrast: SIM2 projectors often feature high brightness levels and contrast ratios, allowing for vivid and dynamic visuals even in well-lit rooms.
  • Advanced Calibration and Color Management: The company incorporates advanced calibration and color management tools to ensure precise color reproduction and image calibration.
  • Professional Installation: SIM2 projectors are designed for professional installation, providing various mounting and lens options to suit different room configurations and screen sizes.

SIM2’s video projectors are highly regarded for their exceptional image quality, reliability, and attention to detail. They are often used in high-end home theaters, commercial cinemas, and professional audiovisual installations where superior image performance is crucial.